How To Entice & Encourage Talented Individuals To Join Your Company

Every successful business owner and manager knows, respects and fully understands how important employee engagement and employee satisfaction is, not only for the smooth running and longevity of their company but also in helping grow and expand their business.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn how to entice and encourage talented individuals to join your specific company and how they can contribute to increasing profits. 

Provide Ample Career Progression Pathways

If a potential employee is scouring the job advertisements looking for their next career move, one of the biggest things they will look for when researching your business prior to submitting their application is if there are any clear opportunities for career advancement.

No talented individual is going to want to dedicate their professional life to a company where they can only ever remain in the role in which they are taken on, so the provision of ample career progression pathways is absolutely essential. 

Provide Incentives, Rewards & Employee Perks

To you, however valuable you consider your employee to be, they are just one small part of your business and therefore are not, no matter how nice you are, of optimum priority.

However, to the individual employee, your business is an extremely prominent part of their life and therefore it is absolutely crucial to provide ample incentives, rewards, benefits and perks as and when applicable, such as being able to work with top financial advisors – something they wouldn’t necessarily have been able to do without your help!

Cultivate A Culture Focused On Your Workforce

It is an undisputed fact that the more energized, welcomed, appreciated and motivated an individual employee is, the more productive and efficient they will be and furthermore, the more you promote a wholly employee-focused company culture, the more likely you are to entice the right mix of talented, motivated and ambitious employees.

Involve Existing Employees In Recruitment Process

Another way to ensure that the right kinds of people possessing the right kind of skillsets and knowledge bases that can be used to drive your business forward is to involve one or more of your current employees in the process.

Naturally, when it comes to the interview stage, there is likely to be one or more members from different departments who will be sitting in on the actual interview and a representative from the human resources department will no doubt be present. 

However, involving your employees in the recruitment process itself will not only make them feel more included and connected to your business and the future of the company, but also show any and all prospective new members of the workforce that your business ethos is one of inclusivity. 

Connect Together Online

One fantastic use for social media platforms and messaging applications is that you are able to not only keep your employees updated in a professional capacity on matters pertaining to work, but to also ensure your team members feel important and included.

Set up a professional workforce WhatsApp group or if your business is a larger and more national business, then create private Facebook groups as a way of contacting your workforce on more social and ‘extra-curricular’ topics.  

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