E-commerce Marketing Tips for 2022

Now more than ever, business owners have seen the need to have an online presence and an E-Commerce website to drive more sales to their business.

An ecommerce website is a presence of your thought and dedication towards your customers. It shows how better you want to serve your customers. In this case, security also plays an important part as many customers share their data over the website. Therefore, it is necessary to secure them because you would not want to lose your E-Commerce website after successfully building it and getting customers.

For better website experience and security, you need an SSL certificate. It is not mandatory to take a costly SSL certificate. There are many low-priced options available in the market. For Examples, Comodo SSL certificate, AlphaSSL certificate, RapidSSL certificate. All these are reputed brands in SSL industry. 

Besides security, you need to focus on e-commerce marketing tips that will lead your business to great success. In this article, we will discuss the best E-Commerce marketing tips you should implement to get more sales. So, let us start with knowing what E-Commerce marketing is.

What is E-Commerce Marketing?

Marketing is a way of advertising and promoting your business to your audience. E-Commerce marketing involves the advertising of your product or service. You also aim to get more views on your E-Commerce website, get customers, make them buy from you, and turn them into loyal customers in the future.

Marketing tips for implementing E-Commerce Marketing

These e-commerce marketing tips are essential to boost your e-commerce business if implemented correctly.

1. Encourage push notifications

If you run an e-commerce website for your business, encourage your customers or visitors to your website to subscribe for notifications each time you make an update.

Some business owners have gone as far as making mobile applications for their businesses, and this is also a wise business move.

Visiting websites may seem like a hassle, but nearly everyone uses their phones daily to access applications. So, if your customer has your business’ application and keeps the push notifications on, it makes it easy for you to grasp their attention.

Sometimes, they may not want to buy anything but the notification they receive will encourage them to check what you posted or a product you added, and if it catches their attention, they may purchase.

2. Optimize your website for voice search

Recently, instead of people taking the time to type in questions on search engines, they ask Alexa or Siri to help them with that. This is how beneficial technology is.

More people are adapting, and it is the same way e-commerce business owners ensure their websites are optimized for voice search.

Google prioritizes websites that are well optimized when pulling out results for specific keyword searches. So, don’t be reluctant to put in the work.

3. Engage in marketing

Whether you want influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, or a traditional form of marketing, you should engage in them to bring the sales you need to your businesses.

Many influencers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram usually have a large followership base that tends to agree with what this celebrity says and advertises because trust and love are built.

Paying these people to advertise your products can get you the required sales because these influencers already have an audience that is their target audience.

Affiliate marketing has also increased because affiliate marketers love to receive a percentage for every successful product sold. These marketers do the work of aggressively marketing your business which will bring in a variety of audiences.

4. Use referral strategy and reviews

A recommendation is a game-changer in marketing, and most people will decide to buy a particular product because someone referred them or recommended them.

When it comes to businesses, people will always talk about it. If they had a good experience with your product, they would undoubtedly tell their family or friends about it, especially when someone wants the same product.

Provide great service and sell suitable products so that it will be easy for people to refer your business.

Additionally, encourage your customers to send in reviews of your products. Publicize these reviews to gain customers’ trust. It could be in video or picture format.

Some customers feel confident buying a product because they have seen encouraging reviews from other product users. 

You must ensure that you don’t publicize the reviews in a way that seems like you are bragging. Apply moderation.

5. Personalized experience

Don’t neglect the power of personalizing the user experience for visitors of your websites or your existing customers.

Most people love receiving emails that seem personalized. Email marketing software starts every email by addressing them by their names.

Doing this makes them feel like you know them personally, and you don’t just see them as a customer.

Personalize their landing pages after they have purchased products. Send them the best products for their needs based on their recent shopping pattern.

Offer them a special discount when it is a celebratory season for them like a birthday, wedding, graduation, etc. Let them feel like they are a part of the business because they are.

6. Use Instagram

Instagram is one social media platform you must use if you want to market your business correctly and get more customers.

With the ability for users to shop directly on Instagram, watch reels or view pictures of a product, and see ads run by businesses, it makes a great social media platform to be on.

There is a feature to have highlights where you can display your products. So, don’t ignore Instagram while trying to grow your business.

7. Employ digital marketing

Running an e-commerce website means you already have a fair knowledge of digital marketing and all that it entails. One aspect of digital marketing you don’t want to ignore is social media marketing.

You should know where your target audience is so you can have a profile or page on that platform and build a relationship with your customers.

If you can build a presence on all the major social media platforms, then that is good for you.

When you create posts, ensure you engage with your audience. Show them the behind-the-scenes of the business, give them exciting stories to watch, and try to engage with them.

Try to know more about what they are looking for about your brand and how you can help them. You can provide solutions to their questions by using content marketing.

Create blog posts or articles on your customers’ pain points by using content marketing. Let them know that you are interested in helping them solve their problems.

When your customers know you care about them, getting them to buy from you is much easier.

Final thoughts

Using these e commerce review site marketing tips is easy, but do not neglect the fact that you must protect your website with SSL certificate. A secured website brings more conversions to the website.

Also, try to follow up on your target audience that has abandoned the shopping carts while shopping. It may be that they forget, or it’s their nudge to complete the shopping. Don’t lose sales.

Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.