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Creating Your Google Business Listing & Profile Just Got Easier!

The current business world scenario makes Google the most visited website globally. In today’s day, Google dominates the search engine market share by 92%. Interestingly, Google has helped even small businesses to create a backbone for future expansion. 

After all, creating a Google Business listing and optimizing Google search tips and tricks have attracted more and more customers. If you want Google to list your business, keep reading.

Long story short, Google Business Profile is a free business listing provided by Google. Creating a Google Business listing allows users to enhance their business visibility across all Google platforms. As you provide information about your business, those details appear on other Google platforms such as Google Search, Google maps, and shopping. 

Therefore, along with setting up your Google business listing, optimizing Google Search Tips can better your business’s visibility. 

How to List Your Business on Google

Google Bussiness Listings are for businesses in direct or indirect contact with their customers. Although, there are various other tools like Google Ads and Analytics for online Businesses. 

As for Businesses with a physical location, providing services to clients can go ahead and create a Google Business Listing today. 

Therefore, before we help you create your Google Business Listing, you need to understand the importance of a Google Business Profile. 

Many business owners have asked why creating a Google Business Listing? Surprisingly, the answer to that question and the Importance of Google My Business comes two-fold. If you want Google to list your business, keep reading.

  • Enhancing Traffic to your website

As you know, Google is known to enhance both web and foot traffic for your business. Business owners utilizing the perks of Google Business will assure you how creating a listing lifted their business to new heights. 

We are all aware that while searching for a business on Google Maps, it shows other nearby companies. 

Therefore, creating a Google Business Listing ensures people find your business while searching for products and services within your area. Along with the fact that creating a Google Business Listing optimizes your local SEO as well. 

  • Create your Business’s goodwill through reviews

In today’s day, while indulging in any product or service, ‘we google it’ and instantly read the reviews. Which makes Google reviews an essential element in creating a good for your business. After all, reviews on your product or services act as social proof of your credibility.

Long story short, it is a fact that a potential customer trusts other people’s reviews more than your business. Moreover, these customer reviews play a vital role in improving your overall Google ranking.

If you are still in the process of getting Google to list your business, optimizing your Google business profile is a vital element in your business success. As a business owner, you have to provide all essential business information for enabling Google to enhance your online presence.

How to List Your Business on Google

Creating a Google Business Listing is one thing, and sustaining it is whole another; you can either be all in or fold. After all, the process of optimizing your Google Business Profile requires completing all elements like,  

  • Verifying your Google Business’s location 
  • Adding the latest Images and Videos of your Google listing Business’s products or services
  • Make sure to answer all customer reviews. 
  • Always keep your business information up-to-date.
  • Utilize the perks of free marketing tools by Google

Now, let us guide you through a step-by-step process of creating your Google Business Listing.

STEP 1: Sign in on Google Business Manager 

Firstly, start by signing in on the official website. Then type Google Business manager and click on ‘Manage Now.’

As you can see on the screen, there are two options to select from ‘searching a business’ or ‘add your business to google.’

list business in google

STEP 2: Add Your Business 

After clicking on adding your business to Google, on the next page, it says, ‘start building your business profile.’

Completing the next step requires adding the name and category of your business. When you add your business category, you will see various options, select the most appropriate one and click next. 

STEP 3: Adding Your Business’s Location 

As you know, creating a Google Business Listing requires your business’s pinpoint location. Now, you add the exact address of your business’s site.

However, if your business deals in providing services and doesn’t have an address for customer visits, then you can add your areas of service and click next. 

Another important fact regarding not having a physical address is google asking for the region of your business. Followed by a drop-down menu, and after selecting your area, click next. 

STEP 4: Add Your Business’s Contact Details 

Firstly, you start by adding a phone number and website address for your business. Secondly, adding a phone number is optional for business owners who prefer not to attend to customer phone calls.

Once you have entered the information on this page, click next. 

STEP 5: Business Verification 

One of the most vital steps of all while creating a Google Business Listing. Start with adding a physical address for your business. Make sure not to add a post office box address. 

According to Google, this information is solely for business verification and not for your Google Business Profile. 

After entering your Business address, click next. The next page presents you with different applicable options to verify your business. Businesses with a physical address will receive a postcard by mail, and service-providing business gets verification through an e-mail address. 

Whether it is an e-mail verification or receiving a postcard by mail, it provides you with a 5-digit code. Once you receive a code, add it to the next screen and click on ‘Verify Business.’

After that, you receive a confirmation on the screen saying, ‘you are verified.’ You are one step closer to having Google list your business.

google list business reviews

STEP 6: Business Profile Customization

On the one hand, where this spet does not sound so important, on the other hand, this final step might be the most crucial one. 

The final step of ‘Business Profile Customizaton’ enables potential customers to get familiar with and understand your business. Here you have to enter your Business hours, Business Description, and photographs of your business site. 

After entering these details, click continue. 

See how easily you just created a Google Business Listing for your business, and now you are on the Business profile Manager dashboard. 

google maps business

If you’d like to learn more about how Google can list your business, Local SEO or types of backlinks that can help you get ranked, contact our experienced team today.

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