Ignoring your SEO strategy could cost your business plenty.. but using these free SEO tips can help you out. There are so many techniques and tips to keep your search engine optimization on track by creating an SEO friendly website or blog.free seo tips ottawa seo company

Here are some free SEO techniques you can easily take on yourself:

1) Free SEO Tip 1 – Website Optimization

Did you know that SEO is based upon making your website accessible to search engines such as a Google, Bing, and Yahoo to gather information to be stored in the database, hence helping users find information related to your website? What you need to remember about SEO is that it helps users and searches engines find the information they require on the search engines, hence encouraging them to visit your website when it appears in the search engine (giving you a higher ranking).

It is easy to put your do-it-yourself SEO strategy to work on your entire website. You need to start with one web page to clean up the core optimization issues. You can start by fixing errors when you find perform a small SEO audit containing information such as:

  • Making sure that there no roadblocks in the search engine crawler path.
    Ensure that the crawler can move through the blog examining your entire website.
    Boost the keywords and key phrases that help categorize your content.
    Provide clearly labeled tags and categories seen by tagging services crawlers and search engines.

2) Free SEO Tip 2 -Website Promotion Tips

Promoting your web content can be done in two forms:

  • You can promote the entire site
    You can promote specific posts and articles

These can be done by site submissions through pings, through search engines and directories. Build incoming links and earn a reputation. This SEO strategy will also work along with creating link exchanges with other blogs; links are powerful tools that connect the web quickly.

Another way to promote your website links is through using social media.The secret to self-promoting success is becoming active and visible. This means that you should post at minimum 3 times a week and interact with those who are commenting on other blogs and social media posts related to your niche.

3) Free SEO Tip 3 – Track your SEO Efforts and Results

Good SEO practices are a lifetime of work. Don’t just focus on your last post on your website. You need to test your results to see if they are doing well (site monitoring). Use google analytics statistics to monitor your websites effectiveness, as it will show the number of visitors to your website plus the pages they visit and how long they stay on your site.

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