Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Do you want your blog post to go viral to create a buzz in the market? The answer is simple. You need to write SEO-friendly articles to sell yourself across the board.

Nowadays it’s becoming a difficult task to write SEO-friendly content due to the changing algorithms of search engines and the varying needs of the readers.

Hence, you need to take an out-of-the-box approach to implement the least stressful yet productive approaches to produce worthwhile content.

For this purpose, I am going to bring the top five paraphrasing tools to the table to help you be ahead of the pack.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the technique of reproducing an existing article, essay, or any type of text in your own words.

It must be in your own wording without copying anything from the original passage. With that said, the reproduced text must contain the original ideas intact.

Therefore, this technique is a sort of repurposing of the text. In academic terms, paraphrasing is used to teach students how to be creative and to enhance their semantic ability to understand the use of words.

Another major use of this technique is to get rid of plagiarism, which occurs due to copying word to word. Plagiarizing has a bad reputation and comes under stealing the content from the original author.

A person copying someone’s content may act as a deceiver who does not give due credit to the original writer.

Effects of Plagiarism on SEO friendly writing:

The harm of plagiarizing content is a no-brainer in the internet world. Putting it simply, SEO and plagiarism cannot go hand in hand. So, you can’t expect your content to fly if it is teeming with duplicate content.

SEO-friendly content is the one that gets a lot of attention in the past few decades since Google tweaked its algorithms.

To show you what I mean, Google gave Panda and RankBrain updates for its algorithms. They have to do something with plagiarism.

For instance, Panda update will fetch copied or low-quality content and rank it lower than good quality and unique content.

Likewise, RankBrain works great to check content based on LSI keywords and originality. So, you have to raise your creative writing bar accordingly.

5 Paraphrasing tools to create SEO friendly content:

To get smooth sailing, you need to rephrase the original text so that it becomes unique and SEO-oriented.

As you know a rephrase tool keeps copied content aside and brings in new words so it reduces the chances of getting plagiarism.

Moreover, such tools work best with the right content optimization because they give you words that are understandable and attractive.

Therefore, they help you create a unique piece of content out of low quality and plagiarized text.

This paraphrasing tool provides a complete paraphrasing solution in one place. The tool is being used by experienced writers all over the world to improve the SEO rankings of their websites. 

It can rewrite your article in 4 different modes, depending upon user requirements. These modes include:

Plagiarism Remover:  It is a basic mode, adept at removing plagiarism using keyword substitutions.

Near Human: This mode operates like a human brain, able to rewrite complete sentences and paragraphs.

Text Improver: The most ideal mode for improving the overall quality of the text. This mode makes text SEO Optimized, readable and coherent

Creative: The mode works on completely overhauling the content. 

The rewrite is contextually accurate, carrying all the details of the original draft. 

It offers keyword substitutions, alternate sentence structures, revised paragraphing, and a complete overhauling of the content. The advanced AI allows the tool to not only rewrite but also improve the overall readability score of the text as well.

The tool possesses added features like an in-built grammar checker and plagiarism checker as well. These features allow you to verify the quality of paraphrasing. Unlike other tools, you don’t need to be dependent upon other sources for verification.

The word count holds central importance in SEO writing. The tool is also equipped with features of a summarizer and content generator. They allow the writer to condense or expand a topic as per the required word count.

The tool can translate the output into multiple languages. The feature ranks it among the most globally well-respected tools which can cater to the needs of writers from every background.

Rephrase is another exquisite tool in the pack of other paraphrasing tools and gets higher attention from the users.

Getting into it, you can see amazing features alongside streamlined results in no time. This paraphrasing tool takes into account the original text and focuses first on keywords then it matches synonyms against each word.

In this way, this word changer changes words with different words with the same meanings and overall takes care of the whole text.

Talking about its feature, you can get unlimited paraphrasing because it has no word limit and is free of cost. Since most people need cost-effective tools so it is a great opportunity for them.

It is considered the best for academic as well as SEO writing since it takes care of scholarly language of research papers and informal style of blog posts alike.

Giving a wide range of paraphrasing, it provides three modes to get unique with the least amount of effort.


A renowned tool in the town, it generates the best tailor-made results for various sub-disciplines of writing. That’s why bloggers, editors, and students second the use of this tool.

In its full swing, it can generate as much content as you need without any pre-requirements. Thence,  it is a free tool and generates unlimited text.

It has a classy feature that elevates it above all other common tools. It’s assisted rephrasing in which you can get suggestions from the tool itself makes you able to tweak major changes where necessary.

It also leads all other tools in multi-language because its algorithms cover more than 66 languages for paraphrasing.


This tool is although mainly used for academic purposes, I have also verified its SEO writing credibility. Therefore, it is used by a great number of people to make their writing flawless and paraphrased.

The best feature of this tool is its rephrasing suggestions. In simple words, this rephraser has a large library attached to its algorithms and after rewording, you can do further changes manually.

The produced result has natural text flow and correct terminology which makes these tools a good substitute for any essay rewriting tool.

Even after rephrasing you feel that your content is not SEO friendly, you can hire a writer for you to write your content at affordable prices.

Linguix Paraphrasing tool

It is one of the best tools to create unique content free from any kind of copied content. Thus, it helps in the creation of SEO-friendly content.


I have underscored the best SEO-friendly paraphrasers and sentence changers for you to avoid plagiarism for your content to optimize it for Google’s algorithms and ranking.

The main feature of this content refers to its wide range of paraphrasing modes. It can give outstanding rephrasing results in 7 different modes.

Moreover, it has a short word limit of up to 300 characters. And if you want to get other modes you need to create a free account. This also increases the word limit for your rephrased text.

Its grammar checker and plagiarism removing features make it worth using and a valuable asset for bloggers.

Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.