The Best Must Have Apps for Your Small Businesses

If you are planning to streamline your business, here are a few must have apps for your small business that you should be using to minimize your time and maximize your ROI.

Evernoteottawa seo company best apps for small businesses

This is an online application used for taking notes. It was built with intent quite similar to the OneNote service from Microsoft. However, its undoubted popularity is because of its varied features ranging from storing images, uploading and linking files, to recording vocal notes.

The new image recognition feature of Evernote has even made it possible to search text within images. It’s also supported across all conventional operating systems and uses cloud storage. Lastly, and one of the best parts is that it’s free to use!


As the name suggests, this online app helps you to manage your tasks and it does so quite effectively. You can add a task along with the deadline and priority setting and Todoist will sync it with your calendar. You can also search for your tasks that need to be completed by date or by name. The app also helps in displaying tasks that you accomplished in a reportable format.


Social media can really help your business to grow bigger and who can take care of it more effectively than us (ahem.. we mean Hootsuite.) This app (works great with Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook) monitors the popularity of your business and helps you to remain connected to your social media followers.

The weekly report from Hootsuite consists of the number of clicks, important links, and information of people who are following your brand.


One of the most crucial factors in a business is to being able to handle expenses effectively. Expensify is the online app that formats a detailed report of all your small business expenses. You just can’t ignore the statistical analysis and beautifully designed pdfs generated whenever you carry out a transaction. The app can be used to upload and scan receipts, download transactions done using your card and even reimbursing money.

The list of must have apps for your small business will help you organize your time, clients, payment structure and marketing strategy effectively.

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