Proven Tips to Build Brand Awareness

No matter what size a company is, they all share the same goal as each other: build brand awareness.

When managers and marketing teams get together for meetings, brand awareness is often at the top of the agenda.

Are we doing enough on social media? Are our audiences engaging with us? What future marketing campaigns are being planned?

Boosting brand awareness is unbelievably important in today’s business climate – you get the drift.

But just how easy it? You’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of effective tips you can follow that will get your brand name the recognition it deserves. Plus, you won’t need to take out massive loans to achieve it.

Let’s jump right in.

Start social media marketing campaigns

Right now, there’s no better way to build your brand awareness than through social media. Think about it: every human on the planet – well, nearly everyone – has at least one social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

This means that there’s a goldmine of users for you to market to. All you must do is find a way to get your ads onto people’s newsfeeds and timelines. This is where social media marketing campaigns come into action. When done right, these marketing campaigns will send your brand awareness (and profits) through the ceiling.

The concept of a campaign is simple: you use social media to promote your products, services, or overall brand. For example, this might be through video posts on Facebook, or ads through Instagram stories.

For ultimate success, it’s a good idea to get help from social media ad specialists like The Ecomm Guys. Make sure to check them out.

Offer free trials and samples

Many brands successfully establish their names through offering free trials and samples, which then lead to large audience numbers.

The type of trials and samples you offer will be dependent on your brand niche and size. An example of this would be a new skincare brand. These days, skincare brands are offering one-month free trials of certain products through a subscription-based model. If the customer enjoys their one-month free trial, they can continue receiving the products in the mail through a paid membership. It’s a smart way to operate. Providing your products are good, there’s no reason for your customers to call it quits after their trial ends.

Work with an ‘influencer’

Sometimes, companies are within touching distance of success – all they need is that extra little push to make it to the promised land. For many companies, that push comes in the form of an ‘influencer’.

Social media influencers are the new age celebrity. Their opinions are highly valued by their followers who – most of the time – will listen to every word they say.

So, it’s a smart idea to reach out to an influencer within your budget range. Through close collaboration, you’ll be able to come to an agreement regarding how they will promote your brand through their social media pages. Usually, this will be via posts that direct their audience to your website or online store.