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Google keeps website owners and webmasters on their toes by launching new algorithms and making changes to the existing ones; and the only way you can stay ahead of the race is to incorporate those into your website as soon as you can. The latest tool in line that site owners can use to up their Google ranking is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certifications.

Via this technology, the data that is transmitted between a site and the user’s PC is encrypted. While most sites already use this technology, not many owners are aware of exactly how useful and widely used it is.


How Does SSL Work? 

All credible Ecommerce sites have SSL encryption and it protects sensitive personal information such as a user’s credit card details when they are checking out of online stores. SSL technology encrypts this information; in the event that these details do fall into the hands of cybercriminals, they will neither be able to read nor utilize that information.

Google Makes An Unusual Announcement

In a classic move, Google announced that it has made some alterations to its indexing algorithm; with this change, sites that use SSL certification will be given a slightly upper hand when search engine rankings are being defined. Google generally isn’t very forthcoming with the intrinsic workings of its algorithm; the fact that it is providing some more insight about SSL indicates that it is keen on getting a larger number of sites to adopt this technology.

This will be beneficial to users as it will protect their information when they browse websites and make online purchases. The idea behind propagating the use of SSL is to make the Internet much safer and ensure that the sites that users access via Google are secure. Site owners are now being encouraged to opt for SSL technology for their entire website; not only will this help protect their customers’ information, but will also help their site get a higher ranking from Google.

Get a Head Start

The aspect to keep in view here is that SSL certification alone cannot provide your site a significant boost. At the moment this factor affects less than 1 percent of global queries, which makes it quite a lightweight factor in ranking. But the Internet giant is actively promoting the transition from HTTP to HTTPS, in a big way and this technology will carry more weightage in the future. Since the process of applying for SSL certification can be a little complex, getting the gears in motion, as soon as possible will give you a head start in boosting your Google rankings.

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.