We live in a world where the Internet and connected devices have become ubiquitous. People have all the information they need at their fingertips and they want immediate access to it. They also have relatively short attention spans so if you don’t deliver the information quickly, they’ll look elsewhere, even if it takes them more time to search for a new source than to wait for the page to load. That’s why you need to focus on your website speed.

Why is Website Speed So Important?

how to fix website speedSite speed contributes to the overall user experience. You probably dislike slow websites because it can be frustrating and time-consuming to navigate through them. If each page on a website takes too much time to load, you are forced to spend several minutes on a website in order to access the information you need. The search engines understand that website speeds have an impact on user experience and therefore will list the fastest and most efficient websites at the top of the search engine results pages.

-50% of site visits are abandoned if websites don’t load in less than 3 seconds.

-You can enjoy 60% more page views if your website loads in 5 seconds or less.

-According to research by Google, if you reduce load time by 3 seconds, you can add more than $4,000 to your revenue every year.

How Can You Improve the Speed of Your Website?

Even small changes can help you improve your website speed so there’s no reason why you should not get this problem fixed. Just do the steps mentioned below to improve the overall speed:

Remove excess pages and useless data. Your website will be broken down into small packets and transported over the Internet to the destination browser. If you remove excess information and streamline your website, there’s less information to transfer so it will upload quickly.

Optimize your images. Image files can be very heavy and take time to load so you should optimize your image files and remove any images with larger files. Not all good quality images have large file sizes.

Change your servers. Faster and more efficient services will handle traffic better and transfer information more smoothly.

You can also organize your content in order of priority. If lighter content is sent first, the website will load quickly on the user’s browser. Your main website as well as individual pages should load quickly and smoothly on all platforms, especially mobile. Access and download blocked websites and files using a web browser proxy.

If you need help optimizing your page speed, contact me and I can help you out.

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