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If you’ve looked into creating a website for your business you’ve undoubtedly heard how essential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be to your success. This is because SEO determines where your website ranks on search engine sites. But how do you ensure your website receives the highest SEO ranking possible? The best way is to follow these five tips.

5 seo essentials ottawa seo company1 Do Your Keyword Research

Keywords are a prime part of the way search engines are able to tell what your site is offering. Therefore, it is important you research which keywords — specifically related your your website’s content — are most often searched by people. Identify which keywords are right for your website, then use professional keyword research tools to check these words before using them.

2 Choose the Right Domain Name

Making sure your domain name is catchy, unique and keyword rich will help to increase your overall SEO standing. This is because it will be easier for people to remember and search later, in addition to giving the search engines further keywords to recognize your specific content by.

3 Make Sure you Optimize Your Keyword Placement

Recently, search engines have placed less importance on keywords within body copy, and a higher importance of keywords in titles, tags and especially meta descriptions. So, while keywords within body copy are still important, more is not always better. Be strategic in where you place and use them. Here is a post about the most valuable places you can place your keywords on your website.

4 Offer Consistent and Relevant Updates

Doing this ensures your site will experience more frequent indexing (i.e. will get more attention from search engines). It also increases the amount of keywords your site holds, and increases your overall “authority potential”.

5 Use Only White-Hat Techniques (as apposed to black-hat techniques)

These techniques are totally in line with the terms and conditions of the search engines, in addition to being ethically sound. You can increase your SEO standing using white-hat techniques, by using the tips above, offering quality content and services, creating easy to navigate sites, etc. Basically you are trying to avoid avoid sneaky tactics simply used to increase your SEO standing. In fact, if you are caught using black-hat techniques, you are liable to be banned from search engines all together.

With that said, SEO is incredibly important to the continued success of your website, so make sure you follow these tips. If you do you will almost certainly be able to watch as the traffic to your website grows.

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