Growth hacking is all about using unconventional marketing strategies to obtain the maximum number of users without having to spend too much money. This kind of marketing substitutes billboards and television ads and brings in outside-the-box thinking and user psychology strategies.

Growth hackers will always come up with unconventional methods to gain new leads. The word around which this entire strategy revolves is “growth”. Sometimes growth hackers are after as much growth traction as they can obtain, even if the solutions they are working with are only temporary.

3 Stellar Growth-Hacking Strategies for Your Small BusinessHere are 3 growth hacking strategies for your small business that will work for you:

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Send Emails To Those Who Abandon Their Carts

In case you are running an ecommerce business, think about setting up emails to be sent to users who abandon their shopping carts. Sometimes users get distracted by something else and they forget to finish their purchase.

The cart reminder emails are awesome! You can get your users back to shopping instantly. A study conducted by Salecycle shows that almost 50% of the abandoned cart emails are being opened, and 1/3 of the open clicks result in a purchase.

Get Niche With Sharing On Social Media

It is only normal for you to share your content online. You should definitely put your content on the social media giants like Twitter and Facebook, but there is so much more you could do about your content to make it more engaging and compelling.

Find a precise subreddit that is in conjunction with your topic (there are subreddits on every possible subject out there). Post there and not on larger subreddits that are usually more general. Don’t hesitate to share your content on Quora, and comment on related blog posts and forums. Make sure that what you are commenting or sharing is relevant to the discussion.

Make It Free For Bloggers

When it comes to backlinks and reviews, bloggers are the main source. You should make it easy for bloggers to have access to your products or services by including a “free for bloggers” option in your pricing page. As an alternative, you could use a “Contact me if you are a blogger doing a review” option.

Find out the blogger’s email and identify if their blog would be appropriate to present what you are marketing. After that, email the bloggers all the information and graphics they would need in order to create a successful blog post. This will make the bloggers feel grateful that their life has been made easier. Court the bloggers in your industry for a review. They will not all say yes, but some of them will.

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