What Does Google Really Think About AI Content.

Believe it or not, AI content is not the end of humanity, as some would have you believe. Every shift in technology compels flexibility from those who work with that technology, and the same is true with AI content. That’s why Google sees AI content as useful and productive – as long as it’s used correctly.

We think it’s a sensible approach. Why not include text that you know everyone will be able to read? It’s just another tool you can use to make your writing as informative or persuasive as possible.

AI Produces Good, Accurate, and Improvable Content  

It’s just a fact. If you ask ChatGPT to describe a concept for you, you’ll get a serviceable definition in response. Some of it may not be worded in the best way, and some inaccuracies can slip through. But ask yourself this: is there any reputable online publication that posts content without editing and proofreading?

Every piece of quality writing has had more than one set of eyes on it. Just like a promising first draft can be improved, a bit of editing and revising can turn AI-generated content into something that no AI could’ve produced alone.

Human Error Can Get in the Way of Good Writing

AI provides simple, clear sentences in the active voice, and it does so in seconds. On the other hand, a human writer who knows her subject has to take extra care to define terms in a way that laypeople can understand.

It’s one of the hardest things to get right, it’s one of the most fundamental parts of the text, and it’s the part the human writer least wants to do – but an AI can do it perfectly.

This opens up a lot of time and energy that can be spent on the parts of the text that really matter, the parts that the human writer is best suited for. The end result is a vastly improved piece of writing.

It’s About the Work Itself  

A helpful piece of writing should stand on its own. An experienced writer doesn’t write to call attention to themselves, but to help someone else understand. Anybody can understand AI writing. If a writer wants to be sure he’s explaining something clearly, he can use bits of AI-generated text to help anchor his arguments.

This is how AI can help produce people-first content. The human author becomes a little less involved, ensuring that the content is 100% about the stated subject matter.  

Google Has Worked With AI for Years 

While AI-driven content can be used to manipulate search results through a high volume of keywords, for example, Google makes continual adjustments to work around these flaws. Their SpamBrain system is constantly being updated to weed out the AI content that just takes up space.

Do you know what the internet would look like without any automated content? Good luck finding weather forecasts and closed-caption transcripts!

There’s no reason to balk at the proliferation of AI-generated content. It’s just another tool that can be used either to one’s detriment – or to one’s growing advantage. You wouldn’t believe what new possibilities can emerge once you become familiar with the toolset and learn to work with it.

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