Why Your Business Needs Facebook Ad Management

By hiring our marketing specialists to create and manage your Facebook ad campaign, we will make use of tools, technologies and proven strategies to maximize ad efficiency in regards to brand awareness, customer loyalty, product interest, and eventually conversions.

Managing Facebook ads by yourself can be a difficult task. If you lack the knowledge and are unsure of what direction to take with your ads, a Facebook advertisement can be a great waste of your resources. Therefore, hiring us to take control and manage your Facebook adverts can be an excellent way to ensure that you reach the perfect audience in order to increase your chances of getting your service or business recognized on the internet. Our Ad specialists will ensure that your marketing budget is allocated appropriately for maximum impact, ensuring that no money is wasted.

3 Ways We Can Help Your Business

By working with us, we can help your business in a number of ways. Some of them include:

ottawa seo companyDrive More Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Your targeted audience plays an important part in how your business converts your prospects online. Our Facebook management service includes regular campaign optimizations, weekly reports, creating your ads using a copy that speaks to your customers’ needs, and more. Essentially, we will drive a custom audience towards your webpage to increase clicks, sales, and revenue.

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Increase Social Awareness of Your Brand

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, and using the platform to increase the awareness about your product or service can be a way to eventually increase buyer interest and create word of mouth in the community which would result in increased conversions. Besides financial benefits, increasing social awareness can enlarge customer loyalty, refine brand equity, and overall make your customers more aware of your benefits.

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Skyrocket Conversion Rates and Generate More Revenue

Our team of Facebook Ad Management experts create campaigns specially designed to make your business or service stand out amongst your competition. This way, your target audience will be encouraged to act which will increase your online sales with immediate effect.Facebook Ad Management Services ottawafacebook ad manager ottawa seo company


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Why Choose Us?

ProfitParrot is an SEO company based out of Ottawa, Canada. We are a small, hard-working team of digital marketing and SEO experts with years of hands-on industry experience in helping small and large businesses successfully establish their digital presence on the internet. In essence, we provide our clients with a range of services, which help their customers find them more easily on the internet and do business with them.

With our team of specialists and exceptional advertisement targeting tools, we are the best at finding the perfect target audience for your business to help it generate more clicks and conversions. Furthermore, we have useful monitoring and tracking tools that allow us to provide you with full reports of how your social media advertisement campaigns are performing.

We not only have years of hands-on industry experience, but we also work with renowned industry specialists that have access to resources, technology, and tools to provide the best result-driven service to our clients.

Our main goal is to ensure that our clients rank as high as possible on search engines like Google, while our team of advertising specialists allocates their time to creating meaningful and result-driven adverts. Additionally, while we work on your marketing campaign, you will receive full weekly reports so that you can see for yourself where and how your marketing budget is being spent.

If any of that sounds like something that your business is looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (613) 706-0057 or email us today.