Looking for SEO for painting contractors? Effective marketing strategies are a need for any company nowadays for some reasons, but mainly because of the competition. The more people know about you and your services, most likely you will be hired.

When we talk about painting contractor SEO, we are referencing everything related to getting your website found in Google. With some simple SEO strategies, your painting company or services can be the first one people think about when it comes to painting. SEO is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for anyone working with internet marketing. Without it, people can’t find your website, which leads to people not knowing who you or your company are. Let’s understand SEO for painting contractors and see how to work correctly with it.

What is SEO for Painting Contractors?

Search engine optimization is an online method and set of actions that can be applied to a website to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic to your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. Organic traffic means people that go to your website from unpaid sources; therefore, free traffic. SEO is what brings people to your website naturally, without needing to pay for expensive pay-per-click ads.

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Organic Traffic Improvements

Most companies that rank on the first page of Google work with SEO teams, no matter how big or small it is. SEO is what makes a company the first result on Google’s first page, for example. Unless, of course, it is a paid result.

Imagine that a client of yours is searching for words related to painting contractors, such as “painting”, “painting contractors in my area”, “painting contractors near me”, etc. The search engine they use will deliver them the best matches for their profile and geographical location. It would help if you were ranked high on the search engine results pages (SERPs) related to painting contractors and similar keywords.

With specific phrases and words, you can make any search engine show your website as some of the first results and not your competitor’s website. SEO connects potential clients to you quickly and naturally. Organic growth and traffic are the dreams of everyone that works with the internet, and it will do wonders for your company’s traffic. It is essential for a long-term sustainable business.

Working with SEO at first seems overwhelming, but don’t worry. We are here to help you understand it.

How Much Does SEO for Painting Contractors Cost?

Even though SEO is not paid ad, it can cost you a bit if you want a professional SEO company to help you with it or do the work for you. Driving traffic is demanding and complex for many, especially dealing with other business details. Most companies hire professional SEO companies to optimize their website.

For as little as $500 per month, Profit Parrot can manage your entire SEO campaign. With everything that a business needs to grow, from article writing to increased traffic and search engine indexing, Profit Parrot is Ottawa’s most effective SEO company. Since they are specialists in Google ranking techniques, the company is the perfect choice for those who want to grow their organic traffic.seo for painting contractors results

What We Can Do For You

When a potential client searches for painting contractors and painting contractors’ services, they ask simple questions so the search engine can answer them. Profit Parrot makes the answers include your business’s website, so every time someone asks for painting contracts in Ottawa, your website will show on the first page of the SERPs.

The most necessary things to think about when working with SEO for pretty much anything, but especially contractors’ services, are:

  • Location

People want to know about services near them so they can hire them. They don’t really care about a company on the other side of the sea. Therefore, your website must have the correct location. It must be inside your service area. Don’t hide your business address information. Your website will show people in the same place or near it in the SERPs.

  • Keyword Research and Creation

painter seo contractorsThe keyword is essential when it comes to SEO. Your website must feature the keywords and phrases that potential clients search. Luckily, you don’t need to imagine which keywords are the most popular. Several websites offer that service for free and are complete, including the Google Keyword Planner. There is certainly the keyword tool that fits you the most.

For example, the most relevant keywords concerning “painting contractors” currently are “house painters near me”, “painting companies near me”, “exterior painters near me”, “painting contractors near me”, and “house painters”.

  • Optimize for Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s feature that allows you to show your company as a card when people search for painting contractors. It would be best if you always kept it up-to-date and with correct information. Some tips to optimize your Google My Business are:

  1. Name your pictures after keywords before uploading them;
  2. Post during the busy season;
  3. List all your operations hours correctly;
  4. Try to have keywords inside your reviews, something that you can manage by asking your clients;
  5. Pick the proper categories for your business and the services you provide;
  6. Post when you have a promotion;

Many companies don’t keep their Google My Business page up-to-date, which causes a lot of stress on potential clients since they have to lead with out-of-date information. Taking care constantly of your page already makes a gap between your company and the others.

  • Keep Your Website Up to Date

Besides your Google My Business page being up-to-date, you must always keep your website updated. Keep it running smoothly, with correct information and engaging blog posts constantly. If you can’t write these types of blogs or don’t know how to do it, Profit Parrot can help you. The SEO expert company has a team of professional copywriters specialized in writing SEO-relevant articles.

Also, ensure that your website is free from errors and bugs. An error can be very frustrating for your client and make them never want to do business with you. Keep things simple but functional. Inner-link your site’s pages so every post on your website leads the viewers to another post, making their navigation easy and natural.

  • Reviews

Recommendations are essential for painting contractors. Nowadays, we don’t need to know who made the recommendation. We just need to read their review. Post your positive reviews in the front and center of your website so all potential customers can read them and see how happy your old clients were with your service.

  • Optimize Your Content

Optimize all your posts, even those that you have already posted. That will make you higher on search engine result pages when clients search your keywords. Some crucial parts of the text that needs to be optimized are:

  1. Meta Descriptions – Meta descriptions are tiny paragraphs (140 to 150 characters) where you specify what you are talking about in that post. It must tell the viewer about your company and the post topic, always including a call to action. You can see the meta description when you search on Google. It is the little text that shows besides the website’s name and link.
  2. Title Tags – The title tag is the heading you see on SERPs for every different search. They offer a lot of information to the viewers, especially what the page is about. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good title tag for every article that you or your copywriters write. It is a vital tool for Google as well since it helps them rank the content. Make your title tags short and relevant, and if you can, include the keyword.
  3. Heading Tags – Make your content more fluid by incorporating headings (H1, H2, H3) within the posts on all your pages. It makes it easier for the readers to know where to find what they are looking for. Also, it makes the post easier to read. Never have more than one H1 per post since it may confuse the Google algorithm.

Final Thoughts

SEO is essential to every painting contractor’s company. Your site must be up-to-date, as should your Google My Business page. Use relevant keywords and make excellent and constant posts for your website. Pay attention to the headings tags, meta descriptions, and title tags in your posts. Inner-link the entire website so the navigation will be more straightforward.

Show your positive reviews on your website’s front, and keep it free from errors. Finally, make sure that your website is located in your geographical position, so your potential clients can reach you.

It is a lot of things to pay attention to, and it can be hard doing it while having to take care of the company. You can hire the services of an SEO-expert company such as Profit Parrot. The company will send you an intake form to get familiar with your business and take care of everything SEO-related, including posts and content. Hire our services to ensure that your website stays relevant to potential clients.

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