Thsocial media trends 2016ere are many social platforms that will continue to be useful in the next coming year but what platforms will work best for your business? Check out the top social media trends for 2016 and be sure to get a head start with your marketing for the new year.

In 2015, we noticed major progress such as Pinterest’s release of the “Buy it” button and Instagram’s extended advertisement program. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube also made their websites and applications much more eCommerce-friendly with the add-on of brand new buy buttons. Here are some other social networking platforms that will continue to be on fire for 2016.

1) Pinterests Buy Button

The organization revealed strategies to develop its purchase button system so any kind of commerce company that makes use of software from Bigcommerce, IBM Commerce, as well as Magento is now able to include the “buy button to their Pinterest pins. Pinterest now has complete integration with Shopify and Demandware, together with widely used merchants such as Macy’s, Nordstroms, Bloomingdale’s and also Wayfair, states Fortune. Are you convinced to hop on the Pinterest train yet?

2) Instagram Shop

Instagram is the coolest social media community around and its advertisements stand for an enormous chance for driving a very involved audience to relevant product pages, such as the brand new Instagram Partner Program for business users.

With hashtags like #ootd, meaning outfit of the day, Nike’s advertisements are immediately searchable and also produce a tremendous following. In addition, the company has introduced a devoted “Instagram Shop” in which enthusiasts can buy the equipment found in the Instagram posts. The shop is exactly like in the Instagram feed, whenever users click on a shot in the shop’s gallery, they’ll be taken to the product webpages for every product.

3) Facebook Targeting

The social networking behemoth goes on to innovate the social networking commerce and ad-targeting area. Just perfect for the holiday shopping time of the year, Facebook came up with a brand new targeting platform that allows brands to zero in on those who are seriously involved with shopping, such as throughout the coveted Black Friday to Cyber Monday time period. Instagram marketing that is linked to Facebook’s system is likewise providing the exact same targeting choices.

4) Live-Streaming Platforms

The fascination with live-streaming-video will definitely continue and continue to rise in 2016, specifically since widely used applications like Periscope and Blab keep including brand new features. Facebook in addition has revealed that it is going to open the Facebook Live feature to permit consumers to live-stream directly from the application to their newsfeed.

Multi-way broadcasting platforms permit people to chat live through video with messaging and Twitter connectivity. Brands have already been quick off the mark to multi-curate followers or perhaps celebrity/influencer interviews – this is going to be a major trend in 2016. 

We would furthermore anticipate plays in this field from other significant platforms such as Google+, which will remain to develop Hangouts.

For small businesses it will be interesting to develop new ways of advertising and interviewing success stories. We don’t know if live-streaming will be the ultimate social solution, but it will surely be a trend in 2016. Is your business ready?

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