SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO)  is another leading and efficient method for attracting prospective consumers to your website. However, here’s the catch: proper usage is essential. Statistics show that Google processes around 3.5 billion searches per day. However, despite only 1% of Google users clicking through to results on the second page, the average CTR for the #1 organic result on Google is 31.7%.

One of the best approaches to drive quality visitors to your website is to use appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

Approximately 0.78% of Google searches lead to a click on results on the second page, even though 68% of online encounters start with a search engine. 

11 SEO Trends to Drive More Traffic

As mentioned earlier, to rank higher or maintain your ranks, you should constantly change your SEO approach in line with Google—as its algorithm develops. Here is a breakdown of the most significant SEO and Google trends for 2023 to help you decide which tools to employ and which strategies to focus on.

1.   User Experience

The factor of user experience is a crucial component of search engine result performance. Sites that provide a simple and intuitive experience lead to a more pleasant connection and keep website visitors longer. 

Customers with a positive user experience are likelier to suggest your platform to a friend and more likely to return and become regular customers. 

Several factors may contribute to user experience. The digital platform user experience can be defined by its accessibility, clarity, and quickness. Site speed is the most significant of these three factors regarding SEO visibility.

2.   Mobile Indexing

While this trend is not new, Google prefers mobile users in search results. Mobile users are looking for shops and using the Local Pack to help them choose.

Online businesses rank for high-volume search terms in the Local Pack. Your enterprise site should examine how these impact clicks and transaction behavior to search shifts to mobile/local results.

Things to Consider for Mobile-First Indexing:

Make sure your mobile site shows essential information that is also available on your desktop site. Check that your content, videos, and images are all crawlable and indexable so that search engines can better comprehend your site and offers.

Structured Data

It’s important to ensure that both mobile and desktop versions of your site use the same structured data markup. If the structured data on a page isn’t necessary, it won’t be indexed.


Make sure that meta descriptions and title tags are optimized. Uses mobile title

optimization and titles with fewer characters. 


Check that links to sitemaps are available from the mobile version of your website.

3.   Original Content

Original content refers to any material created specifically for your business. Text, videos, infographics, and pictures are all examples of resources that can use.

The first step in creating high-quality content that ranks highly and is readily recognized by search bots is to be original.

4.   Voice Search Optimizations

In 2022, about 55% of all homes in the United States are projected to own a smart speaker, and voice search currently counts for almost 20 percent of all mobile search inquiries.

There is no question that voice search will increase in the future and help customers find products and services.

5.   Make it Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices account for 52.2% of all website traffic. Therefore keeping your content mobile-responsive is an easy way to improve your SEO. People instantly use their mobile devices to get answers when they need to search something up or make a purchase right away. Changes need to be made if your content doesn’t appear and operate on mobile as it does on desktop. One of the simplest methods to increase traffic and interaction with your content is to format it for mobile devices.

In addition to developing a mobile SEO plan, keeping your content mobile-friendly will also help your website rank better on mobile devices. Even mobile and desktop keywords can now compare separately. These mobile-driven analytics SEO tools can assist you in discovering new information. You can learn a lot about what matters most to your audience by looking at the content that succeeds in a specific area.

6.   Adapting Video Content

Consumers are using video resources to influence their buying decisions more than ever before. To compete for the short attention span of engaged customers, enterprise companies must create and optimize video content.

When used correctly, video content can generate significant backlinks and social shares. Videos can significantly increase the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and create high-quality traffic.

In addition, high-quality movies can create a significant number of backlinks to your website. Exciting and popular videos can attract trustworthy websites to promote your content.

These critical shares can have a drastic impact, with hundreds or thousands of people also sharing.

7.   Image Search Optimization

The development of visual image search has been dramatic. People used to be able to look at images simply. People will be able to use pictures in the future to purchase products, get information, and more. Google has long pushed on image tagging and optimization, so it stands to reason that this is part of its long-term strategy.

If your website’s images aren’t optimized, you should do something about it right now. If you’re going to use pictures, make sure they’re of good quality and that the file name you give them matches the content on the related page. Crawlers classify images based on alt tags, so use them. Add images to your site map to make it simpler for search engines to scan your site.  

8.   Consider Google E-A-T

Google’s pneumonic is E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. E-A-T is a component of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, which human raters use to assess the quality of search results.

However, how human raters use E-A-T to evaluate content quality offers us insight into what Google looks for in content.

  1. Consider Google MyBusiness

Google My Business is a valuable tool for digital marketers since it increases exposure to their material immediately rather than making them wait for it to rise in Google’s search engine rankings.

Gaining exposure for your latest content is only one perk of using Google My Business.

The local 3-pack consists of the top three business listings for relevant search phrases, so updating your post at least once every week can help you secure a spot there, which is reason enough to update your content at least once weekly.

10.   Keyword Research

Ads, Google My Business listings, landing pages, blog content, and more can benefit from keyword research. Search engine optimization (SEO) keywords can assist your company by bringing in even more customers.

Keyword Research Best Practices

  • Use keyword research tools to find long-tail keywords for your company. Google Search Console can help recognize unique keywords that generate traffic to your website. This tool will also help recognize keywords that you were most likely unaware of.
  • Perform manual SERP analysis to determine user intent for keywords suggested for optimization. A manual search will enable you to view what your consumers will see when searching for your goods. Even low-volume keywords can earn thousands of dollars each month.

11. High-Quality Backlinks

Since not all backlinks are made equal, it is critical to create high-quality links that lead back to your website.

Working with influencers can assist in this situation. Working with influencers allows you to create natural, high-quality backlinks and potentially build a long-term, mutually beneficial connection.

Influencers are well-versed in what their intended audience likes and dislikes. Therefore,  when they work on content for their business, they create an image that they know their target audience will connect to. The benefit of this brand marketing is one-of-a-kind content that is interesting, carefully selected — and entirely shareable. 

Final Thoughts

Staying up with the newest trends is one of the most significant and exciting aspects of being a marketer in today’s ever-changing business. Whereas new technologies provide such significant challenges and roadblocks, they also offer new opportunities for success. These SEO trends and tips can help you step up your game in 2023 and beyond, enabling your business to shine in all things content strategy.

Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.