How Social Media Marketing Helps SEO

Any business that operates even partially online, and the growing list of individuals or small groups running blogs or YouTube channels have invested deep faith in the three magic letters: SEO.   Now the mystical beliefs of search engine optimization have become real and collided with social media to confuse the rest of the internet.

SEO started out by just getting your content to appear closer to the beginning of a search- page one being the most worthy of victories. Now with the development of social media, a new slew of methods are rumoured to get your content and website more attention. Now, there’s options to target people where their interests are. Pinterest, Twitter, and even LinkedIn offer new ways to get your content to those who are most likely to read it, and further enabling SEO to be more developed through this streamlining social media marketing helps seo

SEO before the intercept of social media operated on content with what research revealed to be most commonly searched words. Social media developed SEO to follow search words that strung together, and sharing. Sharing is available all over the place and Google’s been on this for five years now. The circulation of content does boost page rank, and as most recently as last year Google confirmed that it treats social media websites like any other.

Utilizing social media with SEO can build brands and create an engaging experience for those who are directing their attention to the social media site. Managers that are intended for the purpose of monitoring, promoting and advertisement through social media know this best. It’s not just big companies hiring managers to develop social media profiles either, YouTube personalities, and bloggers are relying on someone to keep up with the most recent SEO development too.

People that work so closely with social media have an in depth understanding that any search within a social media site, is still treated as a search. Google Play Store searches of ‘cookbook app’ still logs cookbook and app as searched key words. The same is for Facebook pages of groups and companies; these are relevant searches that contribute to better search results ranks. All of these promote the base of SEO in using keywords and terms to boost search results.

The purpose that started social media of bringing people together is now a tool. The new goals with handling SEO content is generating the use of keywords that are most often searched and making these into a format fit for constant circulation.

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