Should I Do SEO or PPC?

When it comes to SEO vs. PPC, keep in mind that these are 2 very different strategies. SEO definitely works, but SEO is very much a momentum building game – a long term investment for long term results. Paid ads are very much a short term solution for short term success. Paid ads don’t bring in organic traffic, they bring in paid clicks but still aren’t a guaranteed sale. It can work out to be much more expensive in the long run compared to SEO. It really comes down to what your expectations are – short term results or long term results. We can help with both and can help determine what the best course of action is for your business.

How Long Does SEO Take?

It would be nice if we could tell you that it works overnight, but, that would be worse than lying to your grandmother. We have an awesome blog post that explains this one. Click here to view it.

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My Site Isn’t Ranking: What’s the Issue? 

There may be issues with your site ie; malware, improper backlinks, targeting the wrong keywords, site design changes, theme changes etc. There are many factors that contribute to your site’s ranking. We always do a scan and audit the site prior to starting our SEO work so we can help you determine the best course of action.

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Is Local SEO Better Than Global SEO?

It depends on your definition of better! Local SEO is more easy to get ranked for and the results tend to be quicker. As for global SEO – it can work amazingly well as you can get in front of millions of viewers. The keywords may be more competitive, but we have ways of using keywords that are less competitive, but still get search results that will yield you with quality organic traffic.

Does Social Media Help SEO?

Yes! Keeping an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business is a great way to help your content stay relevant and current. Here’s a great blog post that explains the process better.

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

We suggest sticking with an SEO plan for a minimum of 3 months. Building website authority takes time! It requires a lot of data observation and competition and keyword analysis to be able to structure a plan that’s suited to your services and target audience. Search engine optimization results will depend on your domain age, competitors and a large number of factors like on-site SEO, website speed and more. With our plans, typically our local clients see some rank jumps in the first 30 days for easy to rank keywords. SEO results will also grow over time, stopping too soon can put a wrench in any progress that’s been gained.

Why is SEO Expensive?

You may not think it’s expensive once you start generating website visits. One lead could cost you $10 CPC if you spend it via Adwords. SEO leads will eventually be free down the road and the clicks could add up to 5,000 + more per month. You have to think what that could be worth to you.

How Many Keywords Should I Target? 

We suggest that you target 1-3 keywords per service offering. Here’s a great post to help you learn which keywords you should be targeting for your niche.

Can You Outrank My Competition? 

Yes! Keep in mind, we will have to match / excel what they are doing for SEO methods as well. This might lead to requiring a more aggressive plan.  Check out this post: How to Rank Better than Your Competitors Using SEO

I’m Spending More than My Competitors on SEO, Why Are They Ranking Better?

There are hundreds of reasons and variables involved as to why your site may not be ranking above your competition yet;
– the websites didn’t start at the same time
– the websites are at two completely different levels
– how long have the competitors been doing SEO for, compared to how long he you have been doing SEO.
– different levels of authority
– different levels of trust within Google
– different digital presence in Google
– plus so many more.
Even if your are spending more than your competitors, it won’t mean that you automatically will rank above them in a matter of weeks or month – you could be 2 years behind your competitors in terms of how long they’ve been doing SEO for, or how long they’ve been advertising for. Your competitors may be at the stage where they don’t need to invest as much money because they’ve established enough trust and authority in Google, so they have the luxury of spending less – but that’s where you have the advantage. Eventually we can overtake them – but it won’t happen overnight. SEO is a long term investment for long term results.

Do You Guarantee Results? 

NO! Anyone who does should get a nobel prize in B.S. There is no way to guarantee that you will rank #1 on page 1 at all times. We don’t own Google. Given the fluctuating nature of Google’s algorithms, search traffic, search locations, mobile devices, competition etc, there’s no way to predict the future of you ranking on page 1 in a certain time window. We CAN tell you, that we know building site authority helps build your site’s keyword rankings and this is our main focus. No shady backlinks, no sleezy black hat SEO techniques… We CAN guarantee quality work and transparency. We CAN guarantee that we will provide the best work and advice based on our skilled knowledge and adaptive learning tactics in this industry. Everything we do will be reported back to you and provided in full .pdf reports.

What is Your Process?

I don’t want to copy and paste it here as that would be considered duplicate content so I’ll share our process link with you —> We explain the entire SEO process here. 

What are Your Key Performance Indicators

We wrote a whole blog post about this recently, you can find out more about KPI’s for SEO here.

Any More Q’s? 

Was there something we didn’t answer here? We would love to add in some more answers for you, let us know if you have any questions about our services or process, or just SEO in general. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Contact us here.

The Profit Parrot Team