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7 SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic

Increasing and growing traffic to your website by implementing SEO techniques is one of the most challenging tasks in the SEO world. Digital marketing is a never-ending business due to its dynamicity. However, securing the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page and raising the organic traffic to the website is a far-flung dream. However, over the last 10 years, SEO has gone through a plethora of changes leading to the invention of several new techniques, tactics, and tips. 

If you are also one among those trying hard to boost traffic on your website, scroll down and read this guide till the end. We have jotted down 7 SEO techniques to make your website rank on SERP and catch maximum attention. 

7 Latest SEO techniques of 2022 To Increase Organic Traffic

As we mentioned earlier, attracting audiences on Google is tough, but you can make it by playing your cards right. Here are 7 SEO techniques that will not only help it to rank on SERP but also fix the website problems. 

1. Set A Clear Definition Of SEO Strategy 

SEO is all about formulating and implementing strategies that facilitate website rank on your SERP. So if you are attempting to create a long-term SEO plan, then set your own business goals and align them with the organic traffic goals. In this regard, some of the crucial techniques you need to consider while defining the SEO strategy include:

  • Optimization of the web pages
  • Technical SEO
  • Lowering the website loading speed
  • Branding
  • Mobile Amp Pages
  • SEO keywords
  • Off-Page SEO techniques like building high-quality links

2. Analyze The Present Health Performance Of Your Website

The arrival of traffic on your website largely depends on the extent of technical SEO issues your site already has. But, for that, you have to audit and analyze its current performance, a key indicator of site health. The easiest way to do this is Google Search Console. Here, you will get a performance report of keywords, web pages, and the entire website. In addition, there are some more tools like SEOsitechecker, Databoost, and Moz. Read more: 

3. Always Strive For New Keyword Opportunities

Keyword is the most basic aspect of SEO since it plays a major role in terms of ranking factors and website performance. The best tips you can follow to research on currently performing and high-ranking keywords:


  • Settle down the combination of competitors’ keywords and currently performing keywords.
  • In addition to the trending keywords, do not forget to deep dive into the ranking PPC keywords
  • Evaluate and analyze the ranking keywords on social media and YouTube. Read More: Social Media Magazine, Smart Business Daily.

4. Rule The Featured Snippet

You will want your content to come up on featured snippets since you’ll get more website traffic. Specifically, having your content on featured snippets will let you dominate the best position in the search results. Here are some things you can do to make your content appear on the featured snippet:

  • Using SEO-friendly optimized images
  • Using snippet-friendly keyword phrases like How, What, Why, and try to incorporate more FAQs in your content
  • Format the content well to boost clicks from snippets.  

5. Dominate On Social Media

Using social media to bring organic traffic is one of the advanced SEO techniques in 2022. We all know how the whole world depends on social media, especially in the post-pandemic world. This is the biggest platform to reach and drive traffic. Thus, focus more on promoting the services and the websites using a number of social media platforms to increase website traffic for free. 

6. Enhance The Technical SEO And Website Visibility

The website visibility is nothing but the determinant of how easy it will be for the users to access and navigate on your page. You can improve this technical SEO by:

  • Page Loading speed
  • Lowering the site loading speed
  • Finding and fixing 404 errors
  • Improving internal linking
  • Marking up your content by enhancing schema and metadata. Read also: Search Engine Magazine, RSL Online.

8. Optimize The Meta Description, Title, And Short URLs

Optimizing the title, meta description, and short URLs with organic keywords will result in catching the traffic on SERP. As a result, while writing the meta descriptions, titles, or URLs, make sure you are injecting keywords that are naturally fit. Some more tricks to optimize the page titles, URLs, and descriptions are:

  • Placing the keywords near the title front
  • Bot overusing the keywords
  • Showing value and benefits
  • Focusing on the best interests of the readers

The Takeaway

To conclude, these are some latest and most advanced SEO techniques for growing organic traffic to your website. I hope these will enable you to take your website to the next level in 2022. Want more similar tips from us regarding SEO strategies to improve your brand? Keep following our page for getting intriguing SEO hacks in the future.



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